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Neil is a professional wedding entertainer and DJ.


The most popular wedding package includes:

Cocktail hour acoustic entertainment

All mics and sound system requirements for announcements and wedding ceremony.

Outdoor beachfront sound system for DJ/live music for beach weddings.

Entrance music (classical guitar or DJ)
Live acoustic music during dinner or DJ music

Indoor Dance Party DJ with lights/effects and video or live rock band

Video projection system (can include bride and groom photo montage - often the wedding photographer will upload photos to projector laptop)

Custom writing and recording of special personalized songs, includes CD.


Neil works closely with the bride (most often) and personalizes every audio visual element of the wedding. Helping to choose songs, establish and adhere to the timeline of events, making annoucements, DJing and MCing and running the reception professionally.


Custom Weddings

If you are interested in something a little out of the ordinary


Neil is also an ordained minister.

If you fancy your wedding in a remote or unique location Neil's sound system and lights can be powered by a generator. He can marry you, furnish all legal documents and provide all your sound/live music/DJ needs at the same time.

Neil is physically fit, energetic and able to hike, climb, kayak, surf, skydive, scuba, ride or 4 x 4 into any location. If you want to get married while jumping out of a plane, or on top of a mountain Neil can help you out.

Could you imagine this? Strange but true!
Definitely on the bucket list: An underwater wedding!





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